Outdoor Dance Floor

Outdoor Dance Floor

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Our Outdoor Dance Floor rental is the perfect entertainment piece for black tie events to weddings rentals, to a disco party for kids. Simply dance the night away or play dance party games! Our wood dance tiles match the decor of any event. These floors can be used as an indoor or outdoor dance floor rentals. Our border edging is made from aluminum and sits at an 11º angle that is suitable for ADA requirements. Our Outdoor Dance Floor rental is priced at $27 per tile. Visit the Wood Dance Floor page for indoor events. Please see the chart below for more detailed sizes and pricing and to determine how many tiles must be ordered. 

Dance Floor Sizes

It can be confusing to figure the proper size for your portable dance floor. We use the standard formula - 33% of your guests will dance at any given time. (Please note that not everyone will be dancing at the same time.) We try to keep things simple for you while you plan your event, so simply divide your total guest count by 3 and use the chart below to figure the size that is appropriate for your event. Example: 150 guests/3 = 50 people x 4.5 sq ft = 225 sq ft. But remember, you know your guest the best. If you think the majority of your guests will hit the dance floor at the same time, you might want to consider a larger dance floor!

Dance Floor Size (feet) People Sq Feet Indoor Outdoor # Tiles
12 x 12 32 144 $180 $324 12
9 x 16 32 144 $180 $324 12
12 x 20 52 240 $240 $432 16
15 x 16 52 240 $240 $432 16
12 x 24 64 288 $360 $648 24
16 x 18 64 288 $360 $648 24

Additional configurations are available. If you require a custom size please call us, and one of our Event Specialists will be glad to assist you in figuring which size and set up will work best for you.

Wood Dance Floor   Wood Dance Floor

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