Party Rentals in Mount Berry, GA

Bounce And Rides provides a wide variety of party rentals in Mount Berry, GA. We create unforgettable experiences through expert planning, cleaniness, and exceptional customer service. Our wide selection includes the most fun inflatable rentals, water slides, carnival games, and so much more. No gathering is too large or too small for us to handle.  Inventory is constantly being updated, so check back with us every few months to find new opportunities for fun.  

Mount Berry, GA Bounce House Rentals

Our inflatable bounce houses come in many different shapes and sizes. We offer traditional bounce houses and combo units that often incorporate a dry or water slide. Currently, we offer Disney Princesses, Frozen, Minnie Mouse, and Spider-Man themed units. Everything is priced according to size and the cost of long-term maintenance. No one likes to rent a dirty bounce house or one with holes that deflate the unit. Our attention to detail when cleaning, rinsing, drying, and sometimes repairing these moonwalks is why people love renting from us.  Bounce house rental is often used as a blanket-term for anything inflatable. We offer many inflatables that are not bounce houses at all. For example, waterslides, obstacle courses, and even rides are often inflatable or contain inflatable elements to them.

Dry Slide Rental in Mount Berry, GA

slides are great for indoor and outdoor events. Our Dual Lane Rock Climb Slide (pictured) featues a fun climbing wall before you get to the top. The dry slide rentals that we currently offer range from 16'ft to 24'ft tall. All of our dry slides are dual-lane, so race your friends to see who can reach the finish line first! Dry slides are great for kids and adults alike. 
Obstacle Course Rental in Mount Berry, GA
Obstacle courses are the perfect rental unit for large gatherings such as school or church events. Most of our units are designed for two people to safely race through at the same time. Our Seven Element (pictured)  unit features jump through openings, pop ups, log jams, squeeze walls, crawl tubes, a rock climb slide. Don't go too crazy, you will feel immune to all fall-damage in a completely padded interior! These units range from 30'ft up to 70'ft in length.
Rides for rent in Mount Berry, GA
We offer many different types of rides for your next party or event. The Mechanical Bull (pictured) is perfect for graduation parties, company events, and more. The Meltdown is an 8-player action game in which everyone (tries to) remain standing on a podium while huge spinning boom arms try to knock you off! Will you be the last one standing? Bungee Tramplines are also very popular. Have you ever been scared to jump as high as you possibly can on a regular trampoline? That's probably for good reason - but now you can soar to new limits with the safety of a harness. Our Spaceball Human Gyroscope, like many of our rides, includes an operator to ensure that everyone gets a safe and fun experience tailored to their comfort level. Explore our rides today!
Carnival Games for Rent in Mount Berry, GA
Renting carnival games is a great way to add some extra fun to any event. We offer everthing from a simple Milk Bottle Bash to an elaborate Balloon Dart & Cork Gun Game Trailer (pictured). Dunk tanks are a very popular item in this category, even outside of carnival-style events. There is a Bean Bag Toss, Cat Rack Game, Ball Roll, Archery Challenge, and many other games to choose from!
Rent Tents, Tables, Chairs in Mount Berry, GA 
Rent Tents, Tables, Chairs in Mount Berry, GA Enjoy your outdoor event in the shade with one of our tent rentals! We have many different sizes of tents, so feel free to ask us what size would be best for your next event. Tent barriers are available for $1 per linear foot. Have a very large event? No problem! A single 20x20 Frame Tent (pictured) can seat up to 40 people. Our tables are pretty standard and affordably priced for bulk rentals. We keep our tables clean, but most people prefer to cover them for a little extra fun. We have 6'ft and 8'ft long polyethylene tables. Bundle packages are available that include chairs with your tables. Chairs, what can we say? They are always getting the butt-end of the deal. It could be reasonable to assume that there at least as many chairs as people on Earth, so why don't we always have some around when we need them? Things to ponder about life in general, really. Ah, can sit with them, but you cannot sit without them. Do you need tents, tables, AND chairs? Just give us a call and we'll give you a package deal that will put a smile on your face. 
Concessions rental in Mount Berry, GA
We take our concessions rentals very seriously. Safety-and-tasty is our #1 concern. Rest assured that your concession rental will arrive in pristine condition and ready to go! Cotton Candy Machines, Popcorn Machines, and Sno Cone Machines all come with 25 servings each. We also have Funnel Cake Fryers and Shaved Ice Machines for those hot days.

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